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Northwest Natural Health Clinic: For Medical Professionals

At Northwest Natural Health, we believe that naturopathic medicine supports the body’s innate ability to heal. It's an art, science, philosophy and practice of diagnosing, treating and preventing disease with modern, traditional, scientific and empirical methods.

We provide support at a variety of levels for physicians, nurses and other providers with patients who wish to combine conventional and natural medicine, ranging from chart review and a consultation to direct interaction with the patient during the more rigorous phases of treatment.

If you are a provider with a patient whose interest in combining therapies is outside your normal practice, we encourage you to speak with our doctors. We can tailor a plan to provide the specialized support you want when you need it.

For your patient: the best of both worlds

Naturopathic and traditional Western medicine can successfully work together to provide the patient the best possible outcome. Not mutually exclusive, the two avenues of healthcare can create even more options for patients who seek health and wellness. Our doctors help patients safely and effectively incorporate chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and other forms of complementary and alternative medicine into their treatment plans when that is their wish. We collaborate directly with the patient’s other medical providers to be certain that there are no inadvertent negative interactions with conventional therapy.

Most cancer patients are already using some form of complementary and alternative medicine. We offer an opportunity to optimize the combination and avoid self-treatment errors that may adversely patient status and outcome.

The naturopathic physicians at NW Natural Health believe that the most effective results occur when patients use the best of both conventional and natural medicine. We work closely with conventional medical specialists providing a seamless, carefully integrated program for every patient. Our clinic doctors have been embraced as leaders in the field. Currently, Dr. Labriola serves as:

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For providers: collaboration and communication

Our physicians and staff will coordinate directly with you, your staff and your patients. We maintain ongoing, collaborative, open communication with you and your patient to ensure safe and productive treatment. This includes dictated patient progress notes, strategies for avoiding inadvertent drug-nutrient and other interactions, and assistance with unanticipated problems from patient self-treatment.

Why a natural medicine consultation?

A natural medicine consultation can help in several ways depending on the patient’s condition and treatment. Consultations can be done before, during or after treatment, and can be done in our office or by phone, coordinated with a local physician. Benefits include:

Elements of treatment

Our treatments focus on clinical nutrition (diet, vitamins, minerals, etc.), botanical medicines such as herbs, prescription medicines, some Chinese medicine, physical modalities such as hydrotherapy, manipulation and massage, psychological and spiritual strategies, lifestyle changes and more. All of this can be a positive addition to, supportive of and extension of the current medical treatment plan.

Nutritional supplements

Careful use of nutritional products can positively impact patient outcomes and compliance, according to evidence-based reports. We specialize in preventing unwanted drug-nutrient or drug-herb interactions. The supplements we prescribe meet our own strict standards, having undergone independent screening for purity and quality, as well as those of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), the official public standards-setting authority for all prescription and over-the-counter medicines. For more information on the Safe & Sound® supplements we recommend VitaQual.com.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Northwest Natural Health offers various CME training options either at your site or ours and classes are approved for CME AMA and Nursing Category I certifications. Programs run from four to 16 hours and are tailored to your needs.

For more information, visit our continuing medical education page