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Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Integrating complementary and alternaive medicine (CAM) treatments: safety and efficacy

Northwest Natural Health offers various CME training options at either your site or ours and classes are approved for CME, AMA and Nursing Category I certifications. Programs run from four to 16 hours, tailored to your needs.

Who should attend?

Physicians, nurses, physician assistants and all other licensed providers.

What is covered?

Programs cover a variety of important topics including:

Why should you attend?

Providers are encountering savvy patients who have increased resources and information. Many patients are becoming familiar with and are trying complementary and alternative medicine on their own.

CAM is accessed by more than 50 percent of your patients and most do not tell their care providers of this use. 1 Even more may not recognize the risks for undesirable interactions or other adverse effects. 2, 3

In this participatory and unique workshop, participating providers will be given the practical tools and medical information to assist their patients who combine traditional and alternative medicine for best achievable results. Participants will be able to address patient questions with knowledge and authority.

Participants will learn and apply the following new clinical skills:

Contact us to register for a CME course.

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