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Report on the latest research with cancer control and survivorship

I recently attended the Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG) meeting, a consortium of research institutions doing clinical trials on cancer. The conference highlighted how new research will remarkably affect cancer survivorship, quality of life (QOL), integrative care and our ability to predict and provide needed services more accurately and with greater cost effectiveness for cancer survivors. The tools for implementing cancer control are evolving quickly.

There were many excellent presenters but I want to give special recognition and thanks to Drs Jeffrey Sloan from Mayo Clinic and Charles Cleeland from MD Anderson Medical Center in Austin for their groundbreaking research. Here are some highlights:

There is much more information but this gives you a sampling of the progress being made. The bottom line is that we can get patients through cancer treatment with better outcomes and less discomfort. From a regulatory and advocacy perspective we must now find ways to educate patients and providers about the availability of this support.

Dan Labriola, ND
Co-chair, Survivorship Task Force