“I have been a patient of Dr. Labriola for 18 years. I was initially referred to him by my breast cancer surgeon. Once I had completed surgery and radiation treatments, my oncologist asked me for the contact information for the clinic, as he couldn’t believe how well I had done. Dr. Labriola’s knowledge of the chemistry of the human body in relation to the food we eat and how our environment affects us, saved my life 18 years ago. I continue to give him credit for my continuing good health.”
— LJ

“Dr. Dan Labriola is a gem and he offer first-rate, comprehensive health care for cancer and myriad other issues. I originally went to him for support getting through a bone marrow transplant and its aftermath. Dr. L's grasp of medical issues and complementary health options inspires utter trust and confidence. When possible, he can resolve complex symptoms with simplicity — sometimes with nutritional adjustments and one or two neutraceuticals. His respect for and integration with traditional medicine has always impressed me, and because of that, he's highly respected by my oncologist and internist. He is uniquely (among naturopaths) published in traditional medical journals.

Dr. Labriola has a warm, friendly office team, and they've been with him forever...truly a sign of the thoughtful, generous environment he creates for all.

After leaving Seattle, I've continued my work with Dr. L. long-distance. He requests yearly reports from my MD, and I'm grateful to have him on my medical team for life.”
— NB

“A wonderful clinic with excellent Naturopathic Physicians and great support staff. I have been a patient of Dr. Dan Labriola's for close to 8 years. I originally consulted with him after a diagnosis of a myloproliferative disorder at SCCA in Seattle.

My ex-wife, a 3-time breast cancer survivor whom Dr. Labriola still treats had been seeing him for a number of years and suggested that I consult with him. From the begining Dr. Labriola worked in conjunction with the SCCA physicians, carefully monitoring the progress of my treatment and test results at SCCA and adjusting naturopathic modalities accordingly.

During my treatment at the clinic, I have also worked with ... the other physicians. I have found them all to be extremely capable, caring individuals who have asked detailed on point questions about my disorder and have listened carefully to my responses.”

If you are seeking an alternative approach to enhance the allopathic treatment you may now be receiving you will find Dr. Labriola and his staff at Northwest Natural Health Clinic to be an excellent choice.”
— LS

“I was very interested in working with a naturopath during treatment to optimize my diet and vitamins/supplements to minimize the effects of the drug therapies. I have been thrilled with the attention and care that they have provided me thus far.”
— Cancer patient from her blog

Interview with a retired medical physician specialist:

What were your expectations going in?

“I thought, well, I’m open to the information. I wanted to make sure that is was science based. I was a little bit hesitant, but I decided to try it.”

Were your expectations met?

“Yes! It was a very positive experience. The Naturopathic doctor was thorough; he answered all of my questions so well. He has a comforting manner. He reassured me that he was on top of this. I trusted his advice. He is very down to earth. I felt comfortable.”

Have you continued to return to the clinic?


Would you recommend them to a friend?

“Yes, and I have.”

What would you say to that friend?

“They are careful. They really understand oncology and chemo.”

Is there anything else you would like to share?

“I could give other women advice and help based on what the naturopathic doctor has suggested.”

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 45, and I had a terrible time with accepting it. I was thinking that I was going to die. My experience at NWNH was so positive. The care I received helped me do so much better after chemo.

I chose them based on a strong recommendation from someone who works at Virginia Mason (cannot recall who). I loved working with Dr. Labriola. He is so kind and caring! He was the best of all on my team. He gave me HOPE!!

The experience exceeded my expectations. Everyone was so kind and with the supplements I felt so good. I followed the rules and got great results.

They were excellent, wonderful, compassionate and caring.”
— Cancer patient

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb. 2008. My surgeon suggested I contact NWNH. I did not shop around. I had a good recommendation and a strong feeling that this was right for me. This was the first time I had been cared for by a naturopath and I felt comfortable. I liked that they work with Western medicine as well. I’m a school nurse so I have the background.

I saw NWNH after surgery and I felt reassured immediately. I found it fascinating and I wanted to know the science of it, how it all worked. I had lots of questions about the lab results, vitamins, effects of radiation, etc.

The doctor knew what to anticipate. She actually deeply listened to me!! I didn’t get scolded!! We could get down to the nitty gritty and crack some jokes if I felt like it. They recognized that emotionally and scientifically I needed support.

They provide compassionate care. They look at the whole person without any predetermined outcomes and no preconceptions. I learned a lot about my treatments and how to keep my body strong during this time.

I feel empowered!!! This has been such a positive experience professionally and personally. I am not afraid.”
— Cancer patient

“My surgeon referred me to Dr. Labriola, and this was the first time I had ever been cared for by a naturopath. He explained the kinds of chemical reactions that occur during chemo treatment and the importance of stopping supplements during treatment. And I started feeling better. My radiation oncologist noticed my skin was so healthy and asked for Dr. Labriola's phone number.

This was such a positive experience for me. When I first visited, I was so scared and depressed, and I had very little support since I had just moved here.

What were my expectations? I knew they would save my life!!

They work with my docs and I thought that would be a good balance.

I trusted him!!! And I had almost no side effects. I would have done almost anything they told me to do. Dr. Labriola came across as positive and knowledgeable. I didn’t worry as much after I talked with him.

He gave me HOPE and CONFIDENCE!!!”
— Cancer patient

“I loved it! The care; how it works with what I was already doing. Very mainstream.”
— Cancer patient, who was diagnosed with a large tumor. She did 10 vitamin infusions, which worked with her radiation. Post-surgery, she had 7 additional infusions.

Female patient: Loves seeing Dr. Schuster for symptom management. “She is very knowledgeable.”