Supplemental nutrition keeps you stronger and healthier. Since some supplements have the potential to interfere with your concurrent conventional treatment, they should be chosen carefully and appropriately for your specific needs.

The supplements we recommend are screened for quality and purity and meet or exceed all standards including those of the FDA. Their effectiveness and safety are supported by verifiable scientific evidence.

Nutritional and other natural products can interact or interfere with other treatments potentially reducing the effectiveness of that treatment or worsening adverse effects of the treatment or the disease. The supplements we recommend have been tested for safety, adulterants and label accuracy for every manufacturing batch. They are manufactured by a number of different companies and are available in some hospital pharmacies, retail pharmacies and from our office. You are free to purchase these whereever you wish. If you would like to shop around, our staff will gladly provide the full product information for each item in your individual plan to be certain that you get the correct product. We have them available in our pharmacy at competitive prices but we treat you the same regardless of where you purchase these products.

Safe & Sound® Nutritional Supplements are designed to be used safely in conjunction with conventional radiation, surgery, chemotherapy and other therapies and treatments. Contact your NNH physician before using any nutritional supplement during treatment.

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