Complementary and Alternative Cancer Treatment FAQs

Can I use natural holistic medicines and still proceed with conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery or radiation?

Yes. We provide natural complementary and alternative cancer therapies that provide benefits, but do not interfere with your conventional treatments. The integrative cancer treatment plan we design for you will allow your conventional oncology care to deliver its maximum benefit. It is important to note that some natural therapies, improperly applied, can interfere with the effectiveness of your oncologist’s treatments or worsen side effects, and we will show you how to avoid those.

My oncologist/provider has no interest in complementary or alternative cancer care. Do I have to change oncologists? Can I still request a consultation?

Our integrative cancer treatment plan is designed to work seamlessly with the oncologist of your choice. There is no need to change conventional doctors. Because many oncologists are not familiar with complementary and alternative therapies for cancer, they are often concerned for their patient’s safety when such treatments and providers are being considered. Since Northwest Natural Health is a recognized authority for naturopathic medicine and integrative cancer treatment, we routinely communicate directly with oncologists and other cancer careproviders to explain and coordinate your care.

I am not able to travel to the clinic. Can I still have a coordinated, personal naturopathic medicine plan?

Yes. We often perform coordinated, long distance consultations for cancer patients worldwide. We will review your records and conduct a telephone review with you or your family. Since we have not seen you in person, we coordinate your cancer treatment plan directly with your local physician(s). Please call (888) 706-6667 for more information.

Is naturopathic health care covered by insurance?

Most insurance plans cover our care. Since every policy is different, you should check directly with your insurance carrier. If you do not have insurance coverage, we offer a number of reasonably priced treatment options and payment plans. The cost for a naturopathic consultation, including development and initiation of a personalized cancer treatment plan, depends on complexity. Changes to your conventional medical treatment and care in response to unexpected circumstances may require additional time. Prescription and non-prescription medications, laboratory tests and other diagnostics, if necessary, are additional. Our staff will gladly review your options with you.