What to Expect When Starting Alternative Medical Treatments

At Northwest Natural Health, we believe in the body’s innate ability to heal, and we help you help nature. We treat you as a whole person, with compassion and understanding, and we apply our extensive scientific, holistic and natural knowledge to create a unique integrative care plan for your individual physiology and issues.

Collaborative, complementary care

If you are using conventional treatments, such as medications or surgeries, our complementary and alternative therapies will help keep you as strong and healthy as possible while avoiding unwanted interactions that compromise healing and patient safety. We design an integrative treatment plan in conjunction with your cardiology care to maximize the benefit to you. Some natural therapies, improperly applied, can interfere with the effectiveness of your treatments, and we will show you how to avoid those.

Part of your healthcare team

We strive to provide you and your healthcare professionals with seamless coordination of care by becoming part of your healthcare team. Ongoing, open and direct communication with you and your primary care and specialty providers ensures a safe and natural integrative medicine program that is tailored to your unique physiology and needs, and does not conflict with any other care plan.