Northwest Natural Health Clinic Customary Charges and Services

Get to know us

We understand that many people are not familiar with complementary and alternative medicine and may not understand how we bring the best of both worlds — conventional and naturopathic medicine — together. For those patients, an introductory 15 minute meeting is available with one of our doctors for a reduced reduced fee. You will have the opportunity to meet one of our physicians, ask general questions and learn about the types of treatments and protocols that we use. This will not result in any treatment; it does not take the place of a standard office call and is usually not reimbursable by insurance.

What to expect as a patient

Each patient’s needs are unique and so are treatment plans and the treatment experience. Our typical protocol is to have a comprehensive first visit and follow-up(s), depending on circumstances.

Your first office visit includes an extensive interview and review of records. If additional testing, physical examination or other diagnostics are needed, they will be ordered or done at this time. By the conclusion of the first visit, a personalized initial plan will be developed.

A second office visit, if needed, will assess the results of the initial plan and adjust it as needed.

Please check with your insurance carrier before scheduling to determine if your policy includes naturopathic medicine. For cash patients, most visits range from under $160-$400, depending on complexity and circumstances. These costs include the time spent directly with the doctor, coordination and correspondence with your conventional providers and the development and initiation of a patient plan. Nutritional supplements, if recommended, can be purchased separately from our clinic or other retail resources. Laboratory tests and other services, if needed, will be billed separately.

Clinic services are provided based on each patient’s unique needs and cannot always be predicted exactly prior to the visit. Additional office visits and charges may be necessary if there are changes in your condition or your conventional treatment.

Payment terms

Payment for consultation and follow-up visits is expected at the time of service. We accept cash, check and major credit cards. If your insurance plan covers naturopathic care, please be prepared to pay any co-pay or deductible at the time of service. For more information on insurance coverage, please click here.

Late cancellation / No show policy and associated fees

Since your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you, if it is necessary for you to cancel any appointment that you are unable to keep, we require at least 24-hour notice for cancellation. This excludes weekends. If you need to cancel an appointment for Monday, please call before your same appointment time on Friday. If you do not provide a 24-hour cancellation or you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, your credit card information collected at the time you schedule your first appointment will billed automatically as follows:

*Please note: Insurance will not cover missed appointment fees.
*These rates do not apply to Medicaid patients.