Integrative Cancer Treatment and Wellness

A diagnosis of cancer is no longer insurmountable. Working with you and your primary and specialty medical care providers, the care team at Northwest Natural Health can offer safe, natural complementary therapies that maximize your body’s ability to heal. Working with your medical cancer care professionals, we offer a well-coordinated, integrated combination of conventional medicine and holistic, natural complementary therapies. The best of both worlds for the best possible outcome.

Benefits of consulting with Northwest Natural Health

Your integrative cancer treatment

At Northwest Natural Health, we believe in the body’s innate ability to heal, and we help you help nature. We treat you as a whole person, with compassion and understanding, and we apply our extensive scientific, holistic and naturopathic knowledge to create a unique care plan for your individual physiology and issues.

Our alternative cancer therapies focus on clinical nutrition (diet, vitamins, minerals, etc.), botanical medicines such as herbs, prescription medicines, some Chinese medicine, physical modalities such as hydrotherapy, manipulation and massage, psychological and spiritual strategies, lifestyle changes and more.

Collaborative, complementary therapies

If you are using conventional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc., our complementary and alternative therapies will help keep you as strong and healthy as possible while avoiding unwanted interactions that compromise healing and patient safety. We design a integrative cancer treatment plan in conjunction with your oncology care to maximize the benefit to you. Some natural therapies, improperly applied, can interfere with the effectiveness of your oncologist’s treatments, and we will show you how to avoid those.

Many oncologists are not familiar with alternative cancer treatment. As a result, they are often concerned for your safety when unfamiliar treatments are being considered. Our naturopathic doctors are well-established authorities on natural medicine and alternative cancer treatment, serving as consultants to hospitals and cancer centers in the region.

Dr. Labriola wrote the nationally-acclaimed book, “Complementary Cancer Therapies: Combining Traditional and Alternative Approaches for the Best Possible Outcomes,” which has become the gold standard in identifying how to bridge the gap between “conventional” and “alternative” medicine for the cancer patient. He is also co-author of the landmark scientific paper “Possible Interactions Between Dietary Antioxidants and Chemotherapy” published in the prestigious journal Oncology, which explains how to safely combine nutrients with chemotherapy without creating interference.

Part of your healthcare team

We strive to provide you and your healthcare professionals with a seamless coordination of cancer care by becoming part of your healthcare team. Ongoing, open and direct communication with you and your primary care and specialty providers ensures a safe and natural integrative medicine program that is tailored to your unique physiology and needs, and does not conflict with any other cancer care plan.

If you are not able to travel to one of our locations in the Puget Sound region, we can review your records and consult with you and your family and coordinate with your healthcare providers by telemedicine or over the phone. Please call us at (888) 706-6667 for more information.