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Chemo Brain: 15 Tips to Come Out of the Fog

Often when we think about side effects of cancer treatment, we think about the body. But, what about the frustrating experience of not being able to organize your grocery list or forgetting your doctor’s name or feeling unable to find … Continue reading

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Diagnosis Cancer… Survivorship

By Dan Labriola ND Because there is more to dealing with cancer than just killing cancer cells. In today’s world there are many important services available beyond conventional oncology that address a broad range of issues facing cancer survivors. Supportive … Continue reading

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Diagnosis Cancer…Deciding on Treatment Options

By Dan Labriola ND Now that you’ve chosen your cancer doctor(s) you need to decide on treatment. Options come with differing effectiveness, side effects, duration of treatment and, frequently, a recommendation. You can simply accept the first recommendation from your … Continue reading

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Diagnosis Cancer…What do I do now?

Dan Labriola ND  Introduction No one is prepared for a cancer diagnosis. The words “you have cancer” are a life changing moment you never forget. You must now make decisions for which no one is prepared; choosing doctors, selecting treatments … Continue reading

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